Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet Me At Mike's Taking Stock List

Here's a fun "Taking Stock" list I found over at 

Making :
retro ice cream truck music box
Cooking :
Drinking :
lots of water
Reading :

Wanting :
a really long staycation
Looking :
 Playing :
evil web sudoku
Wasting :
tomato sauce
Sewing :
Wishing :
I didn't have to drive
Enjoying :
the cooler weather
Waiting :
for the Steely Dan Mood Swings
8 Miles to Pancake Day concert later this month
Liking :
Wondering :
who will win Season 12 of

Loving :
my husband
Hoping :
for rain
Marvelling :
God's creation
Needing :
a really long staycation (did I already say that?)
Smelling :
garlic from the pizza sauce I just made
Wearing :
shorts for my walk in the Arroyo
Following :
LOTS of fun blogs on

Noticing :
I really need to dust and clean...
Knowing :
there's a lot more to know
Thinking :
far too much

Bookmarking :
 Opening :

Giggling :
Feeling :
creative and magical

They have a blank template you can cut and paste for your own post.
Let me know if you did this, too!

Happy Caturday!


  1. This is a fun Taking Stock list! Perhaps a little fairy will sneak into your house and will dust and clean for you-- :)