Sunday, December 14, 2014

Reach For the Stars

Has your winter been magical?
 Full of dreams and aspirations?

"Death of an angel so beautiful to me
Shattered pieces fall to earth - Time can never heal

The story is over now, all points have been made
But when you hold out your hand I don’t see a thing

You can reach for the stars, but take what you get here

Was last December and all was milky white
Came December again and all is black
With hands to our mouths, we need food to live
But it’s poison’s nature to kill if we choose to swallow

You can reach for the stars, but take what you get here

So far
So far, so deep
So deep it burns
I burn until I cry
I cry
I die"

What great memories...
 Okay, back to shadow boxes...
 I made this little shadow box back in November (plus a few more).
 I'm giving this one as a birthday gift.
Speaking of gifts,
I received this beautiful decorative box last week from my friend.
I just love it.

I hope you're December is full of joy and kindness.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Trinket Ornaments

Today, I made these Thanksgiving themed trinket ornaments.
 They are made with matchboxes.
  I put a Thanksgiving scene inside each one.
 The window is a transparency with a musical sheet print.
These were inspired by an article in the 2013, Volume 7 
Issue of Somerset Holidays & Celebrations.
"Matchbox Ornaments" by Connie Fong.
I'm pleased at how they turned out for my first effort.
So glad it's November...
...almost Thanksgiving!