Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tea Party Sneak Peek

Happy summer!
Besides adding more dolls to the collection,
Model Agency Melanie in Socko Swirls.
 I've been busy getting ready for
As I mentioned before, for this tea party,
I plan on having my very first giveaway.
Here are some sneak peeks of what's been brewing.
 I'm looking forward to the festivities!
See you there.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kip Majorette

There's a new addition to my Dawn doll collection.
 Kip Majorette (H17 head mold)!
 She was previously missing from my collection.
I found her on Ebay and she's in great condition.
Kip is one of three Majorette Dolls produced by Topper.
Connie (left) and Dawn (middle) are the other two.
I have the other majorette dresses, but not the dolls.

Other than doll collecting, I've been working on the Mad Tea Party.