Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013

Welcome to my creative space,
participating in Where Bloggers Create 2013,
hosted by Karen Valentine over at  My Desert Cottage!
Won't you please step inside?
It's pretty crammed but there's room to walk inside.
 Just to the left is the closet.
Those are doll boxes stacked up high (dolls inside).
The plastic drawers are filled with fabric and patterns.
The right side of the closet contains more plastic
drawers filled with fabric and notions.
This is my work table.  It collapses when not in use (never).
You can see my current project in process.
They've got pink and green, too... (really difficult to decide).
Do you like my popsicle string lights?
 Here's what it looks like in the dark.
 I love my rainbow tomato pin cushion!
Yeah, I thought these might have caught your eye...
Left over from the holidays.
 Crammed in this corner, you'll find LOTS of books
and my sewing machines.
 Some fun craft books, topped with beach balls!
These Trader Joe's peach crates make for great storage!
My trustworthy Kenmore sewing machine from 1982.
My dad bought it for me after I began sewing entire pieces of clothing by hand.
It still works GREAT!
I bought this Singer serger in the early 90's.
It really comes in handy for sewing knits and finishing raw edges.
 This is the north side of my office and left side of my desk.
 I made this color wheel in college for my Color Theory class.
Couldn't just cut out circles, could I?
Previously, this desk was overflowing with dolls.
They're mostly stored in those boxes in the closet.
Here's what I decided to keep on display.
 Tonner's Cami Platinum 2011 (I made her coat),
and miscellaneous doll clothes, shoes, handbags, and wigs.
I found these cardboard suitcases at Michael's (40% off).
They're stuffed with more dolls.
Wow, I'm really looking like some crazy doll lady!
(and it's not even a drop in the bucket)
(I'll save that for future posts)
This Cami doll is my very favorite because of her
blue glass inset eyes and real eyelashes.
She's my muse.
 This is the east side of my office and right side of my desk.
I use my old tower computer in my office.
It's totally clear with black lights (custom made).
It's pretty old (2005) but still working.
 Here's what it looks like at night.
My keyboard is also clear and illuminated.
 I like to stick things on my monitor.
I get so inspired by other bloggers out there.
I like to keep and display things I've won.
(like the candied pumpkin apple from Frosted Petunias on the left)
(and an ATC from Artfully Musing on the lower right).
I snagged this Carnivale pendant recently from A Fanciful Twist!
I've had this Wizard Hat Lava Lamp for many years.
It's so relaxing.
 I hope you've enjoyed peeking into my creative space.
I would like to do so much more,
like fill the blank wall above my computer monitor.
I only had time to clear the floor, dust, and vacuum (much needed) for this blog hop.
I can't wait to see everyone else's creative spaces.
I find it so inspiring.
Thank you Karen Valentine for hosting this blog hop!


  1. Hi Carmen, your creative space is lovely and the cardboard suitcases are fab! You are so right, I am very organized and have been all my life. Of course now in my late 70's it's best I stay organized or I may forget where I've left something *smile* Thanks for dropping by and it's lovely to meet you. Carole

  2. Your space is wonderful, reminds me of mine, in the sense that it's jam packed with everything. I see that you are good at labeling, too :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and touring my studio and good luck on the Give-A-Way!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Thank you for visiting. Your space is lovely. I love the big Moon and I woul really love to sneak a look at all your Dolls. Love that you are so organised......maybe this will inspire me to go that way!?

  4. This is such a fun space! Hmm-you have me curious as to how many dolls you have! Would be fabulous to display them all. Love that computer!!!!

  5. Great space!!! Love your muse doll and the dress form. I have wanted a dress form in that size for ages. Just can't seem to find one.

    Amazing how many dolls you have. My grandmother used to collect dolls. I inherited the massive collection. She has almost every original Ginny Doll, still in the box and never opened....and the clothes....don't get me going....there is enough for multiple

    Happy Crafting

    1. Hi, Tracie. I found my little dress form on Ebay. I think they still sell them there...

  6. Collage boxes and suitcases!That's my cup of tea. I also love your wooden crates. These are great storage solution.
    Thank you for visiting me.

  7. Hi,

    Oh my goodness - what a beautiful and colorful space you have created. I love everything about your studio and your photographs are stunning against the black background - the Moon is delightful.
    Thank you for sharing and giving us a peek into your amazing space.
    Blessings, Erin

  8. Hi Carmen! Thanks for stopping by my creative space! Love all the color and your see-thru computer...too cool! Thanks for sharing your space with us and enjoy the rest of Where Bloggers Create!


  9. Hi Carmen, thanks for visiting me and your kind comments. Loved seeing your colorful studio and your doll stuff. The Cami doll is just beautiful!! It takes a lot of patience to make doll clothes for sure. I've never seen a computer like yours, amazing! Thanks for the tour and keep on creating! Blessings to you, Linda

  10. Hi Carmen, thank you for visiting me and taking time to leave a comment. Loved visiting your studio. My little Remington typewriter is a tiny pencil sharpener. Thought you would enjoy knowing that. Have a great evening.

    1. Wow! It looked like a real typewriter... totally cute! I love tiny things...

  11. Carmen! Your creative space is wonderful!!!! And although I'm not into dolls, I really like Cami! I can totally understand why she is your favorite! Love your computer tower and keyboard - LOVE! And there about a bizillion other little things that caught my eye! I really enjoyed looking around your studio! Thanks so much for sharing your creative space!!!1

    "her" and Romeo

  12. A fun filled creative room for You-How wonderful.You and I have the same two parties going on for Our last two post.We must have something in common :) Denise

  13. Hi Carmen
    What a colourful adventure visiting here. Your favourite doll is so sweet and you make dolls' clothes?
    Love your popsicle lights setting your mood and your wonderful storage. We girls can never get enough of that.
    Thanks for visiting!
    Happy touring,

    1. Hi, Suzy. I do make doll clothes (amongst a million other things). I haven't been making them for a while... I promise I'm going to get back to that.

  14. What a fun space you have! I love the popsicle lights and the computer. And I recognize those cardboard suitcases as you recognized mine!!

  15. LOL! I see you are involved in both parties this weekend, too, Carmen! : ) We'll be visiting blogs for the rest of July! Love your Cami doll. I think I'd keep her out, too. You've got everything organized so nicely. It's great that the table can fold down, if you ever needed it to.

    Thanks for visiting my space and your lovely comment!

  16. What a great creative space. I like your "old" computer tower and lava lamp too.

  17. Hello Carmen, I'm here with my daughter sitting next to me and she was not paying my attention until I open up your blog and started to tour your pictures of your space... Well she's in love!!!! And she was pointing out a ton of things she saw and we saw a lot of fun exciting things. You sure have a fun space and I like all the different touches of colour, the colour wheel brilliant design!!! And my favourite is the peach boxes for storage.

    Great space and thank you for sharing and for visiting my space too : )


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  19. Hi Carmen oh I can see that you like books just as much as I do, and I see some wonderful things to create with, love you cardboard suitcases.

  20. Carmen! Your space has given me some great ideas as I move into the next room to organize all my things!! Love the night lights! and the popcycle lights. Very Groovey. Storage solutions are fab!

  21. What a fun space, and I love the popsicle lights! Thanks for the tour!

  22. Carmen- you win the prize for most creative use of storage!! I love those peach crates! You have such a variety of crafting treasures-- and you are so perfectly organized-- great job girlfriend. I think this is a perfectly wonderful place for your lovely creations:)

    Thank you for visiting my little yarn room-- I appreciate you so much--


  23. Your blog is beautiful and so is your creative space. I loved see the night time photos. Really looks like a fun place to be!

  24. Carmen, I love how your space looks with the lights out too. So much fun to see those shots. LOVE your serger. Mine is very basic , but still working. I use to sew, wore out 3 regular machinesand one serger, now I mostyly play with paper. thanks for popping by, Here is the link to the table story, and yes I did paint it and decopage it.

  25. Oh, my goodness!

    Those clear boards for hanging things - 1 in each color please
    Little bits of eye candy (and real candy) everywhere.

    My dad bought me my first sewing machine. It was right after I went away to college and I missed being able to sew. I earned spending money in college by sewing for people.

    Where are you in southern California? We are in Ventura.

  26. Hi Carmen, thanks for visiting my Raggedies & prims blog, your space is fantastic! I have totes full of dolls that I'm working on for my Christmas show, even though I ahve 3 machines the one I bought back in the 70's has always been my true love lol!

  27. Carmen what an interesting Studio1 All the night time scenes neat! I love your fairy house in your current post. I hd fun making Fairy houses a few years back. thanks for visiting my blog too!

  28. Love your twist on things. Fabulous. Thanks for visiting - so glad I got know about your great blog.

  29. Hi Carmen,
    Your creative space is wonderful. I love your great storage and how organized you are. Love the beach balls and your popsicle lights. Your room is filled with inspiration.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  30. so many stunning items displayed in your craft space, love all the fancy lighting and those crates i could kill for, thanks for sharing

  31. Very cool space!! thanks for visiting me:):)

  32. What a fun, happy blog and studio you have. I enjoyed visiting your creative space. and thanks for visiting me!

  33. I enjoyed your tour Carmen and you have a great space. I love your use of lights...the twinkle is very relaxing.


  34. Such a lovely amount of room to create in! Lucky girl. I love your little hide-away tea party post too!
    xoxo Chris

  35. oh how wonderful !!! I am off to trader joes to see if they have any peach crates. thanks for the idea..

  36. Love your craft room!! Just a magical and charming as you are! Well organized too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  37. You have a wonderful space full of great storage and fun things.

  38. SO many wonderful things to look at! Your doll is lovely no wonder she is your muse!

  39. Hi Carmen! I love your colorful space, which must make you feel happy all the time. We were away last week, so I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier. I especially love that you use old sewing machines and an old computer. You are a gal after my own heart...everyone laughs at my flip top cell phone! I wish I had kept my old Singer that I got as a gift from my aunt and cousin in 1971. To date, it is still the easyist one I have every operated. Have a great day!

  40. Hi Carmen. I love that your space is unique and not the same ol' thing we see everywhere else. My Singer sewing machine is from 1986. Still works great. I don't sew much so I guess it will work forever.
    Thank you for stopping by my studio. I love the twinkling lights suggestion. Do you know how I can do it without cords everywhere? Wish they made them with battery packs.

  41. Such a lovely space, very bright, colorful and inviting. And I must add that I love your fairy garden.

  42. You have a great studio - and a cool computer! I would love to see more of your dolls.

  43. Carmen, I hope you do not mind if I move in and stay a bit.
    I am inspired just by being in your space!

  44. Fantastic space. I love your Muse doll, shes gorgeous. Would love to see more dolls :-)

  45. Very cool room Carmen! Love that old computer and keyboard... awesome lights and what a neat effect in the dark.

    Your dolls are lovely; I've never heard of those before. Love the Trader Joe's boxes - I am going to one next week (I live in Canada and am visiting the US) - I hope I can find one too!

    Thank you for the tour - awesome studio!

  46. What a fun colorful space you have! Thanks for shraring.

  47. What a fun place to create in Carmen! I really enjoyed visiting and am so happy that you joined the tour this year!!

  48. AnonymousJuly 21, 2013

    Hi Carmen - Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments. I loved looking around your creative space. It seems like a happy place to spend time.