Saturday, July 6, 2013

Adam Ant Show Outfit: Part 4

I've been painting fabric like crazy!
 For this porous mesh fabric, I discovered that "dimensional"
fabric paint works best.
 It's thicker and doesn't all bleed through the fabric.
It sinks into the fabric somewhat, but mostly "sits" on top of the fabric.
 My husband suggested using wax paper behind the fabric.
It peels right away from the back once the paint is dry.
 Otherwise, any kind of paper or cardboard will stick.
I was able to wash and dissolve the paper that did
stick before I learned this little trick.
 I've been adding all kinds of pictures to the shirt front, back and sleeves.
Once a layer of paint dries, I can add more details with a different color.
This is really turning out neat!
It's definitely going to be "one of a kind."
The warm weather has actually been helping the paint dry pretty quickly.
I paint a little bit every day to allow for drying time.
If I get ahead of myself, I end up with paint
all over my hands and hair.  Yes...
I've got to finish this next weekend as the show is July 20th...
I can't wait!

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