Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Cellophane Fancies

I've been having so much fun making
Halloween Cellophane Fancies.
They are one of several great projects in
Glitterville's Handmade Halloween book.
 I followed the instructions (mostly)
but did a few things differently.
I used 1" styrofoam balls and Creative PaperClay
instead of the wooden craft balls.
I didn't want to have to drill into wood and the
Creative PaperClay allows you to add ears,
noses, horns and anything else you can think of.
I filled each one with some Hershey's milk chocolate
kisses and Reese's mini peanut butter cups
wrapped in autumn colored foil (of course).
I've seen some yummy pumpkin spice flavored kisses!
 I followed the book's Clancy the Cat and skeleton faces from
the book but altered the pumpkin jack face to my own liking.
An image search of "vintage halloween faces" helped.
I thought up the witch and devil designs myself.
 I think these make fun little gifts.
You could even change the characters to match
the theme for any holiday or occasion.
I did find it easier to roughly pencil in the faces
before applying paint due to my shaky hands.
Glitterville's book is filled with lots of fun projects.
I'm thinking of making the Spooky Forest Sticks 
and Orange Candy Apples next...
Happy crafting! :-)


  1. oh, I want to give these as Halloween treats - what fun!

  2. Super Fun!! Love those candy apples!

  3. One word. YUM!!! Thanks for playing with us today!

  4. Awesome, vintage, inspired, LOVE these

  5. Very cute! I'm pretty sure these will be a big hit at any party. :)

  6. these came out great. Thanks for playing.

  7. WOW! Super Fun!!!


  8. oh wow...I want those caramel apple/sticks!!