Thursday, July 25, 2013

August 2013 Calendar

How is your summer going?
Sounds like July has been HOT everywhere...
Well... I wouldn't expect it to be any cooler in August.
I hope you enjoy my free printable August 2013 Calendar.
I've noticed that the colors don't appear correctly on the Google drive link.
However, once downloaded, the colors are correct.

I've enjoyed participating in a few blog parties this month.
I've been busy!

I finished the Adam Ant Show outfits
and had a blast at the show!!!
What's next?
I'm making my husband a Victorian/Steampunk
inspired morning/frock tailcoat using this pattern:
 He's a musician and this will be part of his performing costume.
He also wants a leather vest.
I'm going to make one out of faux leather,
but will have to create my own pattern.
Sometimes, I wish I could use my husband
as a dress form and pin right into him to make it easier...

Hope your weekend is just dandy!

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