Sunday, July 21, 2013

Adam Ant Show Outfits: Part 5 (and a video)

The Adam Ant Show at Club Nokia was last night!

See those earplugs?  Glad I brought them... it was loud!
But on to the outfits...
 We took these pictures before the show.
You get a picture of the final idea.
 The show itself was so much fun! :-)
I love all those songs - reminds me of the 80's...
He played a lot of the B-sides (remember vinyl?):
Beat My Guest
Zerox Machine
Whip In My Valise
Car Trouble
PLUS, the big hits:
Stand and Deliver
Goody Two Shoes
Desperate But Not Serious
AND, lots from the new album.
Here's the video for Cool Zombie.
I really like the "look" of this video.

Now, you might be asking...
Did anyone else in the audience dress up?
Well, not really.
I was pretty disappointed by that.
For me, dressing up is one of the most fun parts of going out...
We had so much fun, though! :-)

Off to make some cookies...
Have a fantastic week.



  1. oh oh oh! you saw Adam Ant? I love him! Your outfits were way cool.

  2. Laura, thank you! Yes, it was tons of fun! If you like him, you've gotta catch him on his US tour... I think he's going just about everywhere. It's worth it. :-)

  3. Hello
    Get on your Blog as I search ideas for a Adam Ant Show Outfit.He comes to Germany in the Beginning of next Year.
    I have to say you look beautiful and the Outfit is Brilliant.
    Thanks for giving me an Inspiration

    Kerstin from Hamburg,Germany