Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers' Day Part Two

I thought I'd share some old photos of my mother,
grandmothers, and great grandmothers.
 This is my mom taking me and my little sister (in stroller)
to the Los Angeles Arboretum in 1973.
The Arboretum remains one of my favorite places to spend a day!
 My mom with use three girls in front of our house on Grand Avenue.
Check out those fancy shoes!
 This beautiful lady is my Grandma Dorothy!
She was such a wonderful grandma.
I spent as much time as I could with her.
We'd play Yahtzee, Skat, Crazy Eights, Kings Corners,
War and sip lemonade in the summer.
Everybody loved her.
She loved country western and ragtime music.
Every time she took us to Disneyland,
she'd let us ride the roller coasters while she'd sit (and dance)
and listen to Rod Miller play ragtime on Main Street.
We danced to her Elvis records the day before she died.
 My Great Grandmothers.
Dad's grandma on the left.
Mom's grandma on the right.
 My mom's family - the Millers.
 My mom and her mom standing in front of some fancy car.
My mom and her mom posing in their beautiful dresses.
I hope you were able to honor your mother(s) today!
Whether bloodline or adopted... it doesn't matter.
Have a wonderful day!

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