Monday, May 13, 2013

Absinthe Cigar Box Guitar

I made it (with some help)!
I styled the box, stained and finished the neck and fashioned the knobs.
My husband installed the electronics, tuners and strings.
I wanted an old world feel...
Like you found this instrument in the bows of an old pirate ship,
docking in a New Orleans bayou circa 1890.
(Don't tell me there weren't pirates then...)
 This is truly a guitar of the world.
There are parts from Turkey, Hong Kong, and Honduras.
This is my first attempt at making a guitar and I'm very pleased with the results!
So is my husband, as he gets to keep it.
Plus, it sounds GREAT!!!

I'm going to make another one.
Of course it's going to be unique.
One of a kind.
I'm also planning a Cabernet guitar... see a theme here?

For this one, I used:
Escudero Double Maduro Sancho Panza wooden cigar box,
Henriod absinthe spoons,
Swarovski olivine crystals,
Danddukes77 four string pre-fretted maple guitar neck
with Sapele Epiphone style headstock,
Wilkinson Vintage Style tuners,
Twin bar black neck hot rail pickup,
handmade 4 string bridge,
large volume and tone knobs covered with embossed PaperClay,
bronze box corners,
Ernie Ball strings,
old absinthe art,
black, gold, and green paint and pencils,
and Mod Podge.

The inspiration for this project came about from
 Of course, where Paul McCartney is involved - my husband MUST follow suit.
Because now it's cool.
Paul's is a Baratto Cigfiddle with Resonator.
A beauty.
The Daddy Mojo Resonator models aren't too shabby, either.
But, they are built to order and take a few months.

These are really fun to make!
I bought a couple books for research:
Of course, my husband has already built several six string electric
guitars so he knew the nuts and bolts already.
I was clueless but learned a lot.
Keep strummin' and creatin'...