Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dawn Dolls Update

My Dawn doll collection has grown a little since I last posted about it.
 I've been keeping them tucked away from dust in this pretty box.
 Topper dolls from the 70's combined with Checkerboard reissue dolls.
 I just love this ice skating outfit on Longlocks (P17)!
 I'm keeping the clothes in plastic bags, sorted by type.
There are quite a few duplicates.
How many wedding dresses do they need?
 The doll on the left is a custom reroot Longlocks (H17).  So pretty.
The rest (left to right) are Topper dolls from the 70's 
(Fancy Feet (H11C) and Dawns (A11A, H11A, A11A))
 Daphne (H11A) , Go'n'Glow Macy , Maureen (11C), Angie (P10), Head to Toe Longlocks (H17)
 Dawn (P11A) , Go'n'Glow Denise , Dawn (A11A), Melanie (A11A), Denise (H11C)
 Jessica (11C), Dawn (P11A), Dawn (H11A), Glori (K11), Longlocks (H17)
 Jessica (11C), Dawn (S11A), Dawn (H11A), Glori (S11), Dawn (S11A)
 Glori (S11), Daphne (K11A), Angie (P10), Angie (A10), Dawn (A11A)
 Checkerboard Shannon, Checkerboard Dawn, Go'n'Glow Dawn, Dale (H31 - 2nd from right - 
I can't find this one in my Dawn Doll Encyclopedia), Checkerboard Macy
 Longlocks (H17), Jessica (11C), Dinah (K10), Checkerboard Denise
Curiously Silver Macy, Jessica (H11C), Jessica (11C), Maureen (A11C)

The original Topper dolls have a marking on the back of their head.
Some of these are barely visible.
The outfits are also named, but that's for another post.
I've found all of these Topper dolls on Ebay.  Most in very poor, dirty condition.
I've given them a bath, hair treatment, and washed their clothes.

After putting together this post, it's become apparent that I'm missing some dolls from my collection:
Dawn (K11A, P10)
Angie (K10, A11)
Dale (H108, H114, H152, H117, H98, H83)
Glori (H11, A11)
Head to Toe Dawn (P11A, H11A, K11A, A11A)
Head to Toe Angie (10, P10)
Connie Majorette (K10)
Kip Majorette (H17)
Denise (11C)
Dinah (10)
Melanie (11A)

Of course, there's the boy dolls (Kevin, Gary, Van, and Ron).
I'm just not interested in collecting them right now.

Even though I've got duplicates of some of the head molds, each doll is unique with their face paint and hair.

What do you collect?



  1. I love your Dawn dolls.You have a nice collection. I have been looking for them at flea markets since I saw your blog. Haven't found any yet. I have a Barbie collection. I found a Barbie 1966 today at a flea market. take care. xox

  2. What kind of a marking on the back of their head.?

    1. The back of Dawn dolls' heads are embossed with a marking that indicates which head mold was used.

      Wow! A 1966 Barbie sounds awesome!!!