Sunday, July 27, 2014

August 2014 Calendar + Project Updates + Dolls
How's your summer coming along?
To me, July and August seem to go on forever.
However, this July has been lots of fun with two big blog parties:
 There was Where Bloggers Create 2014.
 There was the 7th Annual Mad Tea Party.

I was the lucky winner of Teresa Swanson's,
A Magical Whimsy's Mad Tea Party Giveaway.
 I'm enjoying displaying her mixed media canvas in my living room book case.
It's Mad, it's Alice, and it's PINK! I love it.

Besides participating in blog parties, I've been sewing.
I finished these "Beetlejuice" pants for my husband last weekend.
We're happy with how they turned out. Like the heels?

Have I ever mentioned that I like fashion dolls?
 I took out a few of my Dawn Dolls today while sewing my
Dark Alice outfit for this Halloween's Danny Elfman's 
Music from the Films of Tim Burton concert.
These are reissue Checkerboard Dawn dolls from 2000,
not the original 1970's Topper dolls.
I made Shannon's red velvet outfit many years ago.
See the tiny little blurry doll sitting in the front (4.5" inches tall)?
She's not a Dawn Doll but a Kenner Glamour Gal from the early 80's.
Well.......... she's about to meet 34 new friends.
 I just found a vintage lot of them on Ebay for a steal.
 Other than that, I've been dreaming up autumn project ideas.
Eating summer cherries (yum).
Trying to stay cool.

I hope your weekend was fun.

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