Sunday, June 8, 2014

Alyce and the view from my laundry room window

Excitement is building for this year's Mad Tea Party!
Alyce is practicing her proper tea manners.
Recently, I found this partial Gabriel Fourmaintraux 
10941 Desvres, France miniature tea set on Ebay.
It appears to be missing the tea kettle and creamer.
I just loved the unique print!
Here is this morning's view out of my upstairs laundry room window.
After yesterday's Scavenger Hunt photo of my "hometown
welcome sign," it seemed like I lived on a freeway.
I think this picture captures more of the "canyon" feel to where I live.
It's a desert located just north of the mountains from Los Angeles!
Notice how all the houses have tile roofs?
That's because much of the year is fire season.
Let's hope we don't see any fires this year.
I hope you're having a nice Sunday.
Off to work on the Mad Tea Party...


  1. Hi Carmen, WOW what a view from your window. Looks like Alyce is practicing for the tea party. Wonderful pics and I so enjoyed my visit to your blog and now a new follower. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment yesterday.
    Have a nice evening.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope to see you again. :-)