Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baked Donuts

My kitchen smells like a donut shop this morning!
 You see, I've had this Wilton Donut Pan for a couple of years.

I found this Baked Doughnut recipe from the Kitchn.
I was able to make 18 donuts with this recipe using my pan.
I tweaked the icing recipes by using cream
cheese instead of evaporated milk.
I also added seedless raspberry jam to
the vanilla icing to make it pink.
 These are pretty good, but I must admit that I
feel kind of sick having these for breakfast.
It's like dessert for breakfast.
The donuts taste good, but are a bit dry.
Maybe it's because I used nonfat yogurt.
I might try some other recipes eventually.
Have you ever made baked donuts?
Do you know of any really yummy baked donut recipes?

Have a sweet Sunday!

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