Monday, May 27, 2013

Adam Ant Show Outfit: Part 1

A while back I mentioned I'm going to see Adam Ant this summer.
Of course, occasions like this require some outfit planning.
I'm currently in the process of making this vest.
The middle view in particular.
I'm lining it with a light cotton for comfort since this is a summer concert.
I had some faux black leather yardage that I used for the straps.
They're also backed with light cotton.
Do you like my temporary clamps?
(miniature wooden clothespins)
I've got some black velvet covered buttons on order,
as well as a silver buckle for the back.
I plan on using more faux leather for the back "belt."
I might just make the buttons for decoration only
and use snaps underneath because buttonholes can gape.
I'm at a standstill until my buttons and buckle arrive,
but I tried it on for size and it's perfect!
Originally, I was going to only wear the vest with nothing underneath.
But... that might be too much skin exposure for me.
I'll probably wear something underneath.
Not sure what yet...

In the meantime, I'm making these knickers.

To go with these boots.
The heel is just over 4"...
I think they have a "piratey" yet "dandyhighwayman" feel.

I'm also planning a shirt for my husband to wear.
I'm going to post the final results when finished,
so stay tuned.


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