Thursday, February 2, 2012

Belgian Waffles (yeasted)

I made a batch of yeasted belgian waffles on Sunday (instead of bagels) with this Belgian Waffle recipe from  This recipe made 12 full size waffles (varies depending on waffle iron).
These weren't for breakfast (unless you want to wait three hours for breakfast) but for freezing and snacking on later.  Yeasted belgian waffles take some time due to the yeast rise time, but they're worth the wait!  They have a much richer flavor than "quick" waffles.  I think the yeast gives them a better flavor and the whipped egg whites give them a lightness.
I don't see why these couldn't be made with a regular waffle iron; however, I found a very good deal on this Proctor-Silex Belgian Waffle Maker on  Besides, the large grooves are what make it a "belgian" waffle.  I like to eat these plain, but you can top them with berries, peaches, powdered sugar, or syrup.  Today, my husband had one for lunch with yogurt spread on top.
If you've got some time, you've got to try these.
Do you like the potholders I made?  These are super easy to make!  I'll post on how to make these at a later date.