Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kitchen Herb Garden Update

It's been two weeks since the last post on my indoor kitchen herb garden.  Just look at these beautiful sprouts!

It's now safe to say that we've got basil in the blue pot, cilantro in the green pot, and parsley in the red pot.  Now, it's a waiting game... I can't wait to have these fresh herbs at my fingertips.

Did you know that all three of these fresh herbs have anti-oxidant properties?  Basil contains very high amounts of vitamin A, beta-carotene, iron, and vision strengthening compounds.  Cilantro is an exceptional source for vitamin K, known to promote the building of bone mass and prevent neural damage in the brain.  Parsley is excellent for dental health and, like cilantro, a very rich source of vitamin K.

Herbs are best eaten fresh for maximum nutritional benefit.  Plus, they taste great and make you feel even better.

For more information on these, and many more foods, check out the "Nutrition and You" website.  The website provides nutritional information on many foods.  I enjoy reading about some of the more exotic fruits and vegetables, like Tamarind, so that I might try it on my next grocery shopping trip.  Currently, I'm keeping my eye out for blood oranges.

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