Saturday, August 8, 2015

Doll Display

My latest project - organize and display my dolls.
 I bought three inexpensive shelves 
(that could be used later for art supplies) 
and lined them up side by side to create a large shelf area.
 Each section (mostly) sticks to a theme.
Above are Alice and gnome themed goodies.
Dolls and masks I've had for a long time.
I used to collect Pierrot clowns and masks.
Dawn dolls - you just can have too many.
Their population keeps growing.
 Dazzle dolls - just a little smaller than Dawn dolls.
I haven't removed them from their packaging yet.
Glamour Gals - even smaller.
The cruise ship on top of the shelf is theirs.
 Barbies.  I used to have LOTS of Barbies.
They haven't survived moves over the years.
 LOTS of books.  I love books.
Books and magazines on fashion dolls,
fairy tales, costumes....
 A few of my large (16-17") fashion dolls.
There are waaaaaaay too many to display.
That's another project.
 Just some knick knacks.

One of these days I'll find a large buffet/hutch for display.
For now, this works great!
Much better than dolls on the floor.


  1. Your display looks great! I too have a large collection of Dawn dolls and way too many of Barbies, Fashion Royalty but they aren't satisfied with living in a cabinet. No, my divas demand houses, apartments, and boutiques to shop in, lol. So they have a whole town the little greedy shopaholics. Fashion Dolls! As well as the tall 16 inch ladies, not too many of them, but they are invading the

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I'd love to see your collection of Dawn dolls. I like the Fashion Royalty, too but don't have any.