Saturday, July 18, 2015

8th Annual Mad Tea Party - Winner(s)!

Alas, I was unable to determine who was following my blog on Bloglovin.
(Thank you to those following!)
So, everyone who commented was included in the drawing.
(Thank you to all who commented!)
The drawing took place today using a very scientific method.
 All commenter names were placed in the Mad Hatter's 
hat and drawn by my husband without peeking.
And the winners are:
1) Beverly of Savannah Nana - Tea Party Alice
2) Jeanie of Marmalade Gypsy - Dark Alice

I decided to give away all the Alice Dolls.
My husband claimed Classic Alice for his mother.
I won't dispute the claim.

So, I will be contacting Beverly and Jeanie to get their shipping information.

Congratulations!  This was fun.


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