Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Aboretum and Saving Mr. Banks

Yesterday, we visited the Arboretum.
It was the first Saturday of spring, and the weather was perfect.
Not too hot.  The cloudy marine layer lingered until we left.
I've been visiting the Arboretum since I can remember.
That's me on the far left.
The Arboretum is known for it's peacocks,
outdoor art,
 herb gardens,
periwinkle (my favorite color),
 secret hiding places,
bird-attracting trees,
and spectacular views.
Coincidentally, we decided to watch the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" the night before.
Hey, that's the Santa Anita Depot at the Arboretum!
They also used the Rose Garden for some shots.
Those palm trees are a dead giveaway.
We had a wonderful few hours walking the grounds.
It was a great way to welcome spring.
Happy Spring!


  1. We must be somewhat neighbors.I've also been going there My whole life.My dad has told Us...the old jungle is where many older movies were made.

  2. Hi, Denise. Yes, we are neighbors! I grew up on South Pasadena, but have lived in Azusa, Pasadena, and now the Santa Clarita Valley. That old jungle is perfect for movies! Don't forget about Fantasy Island... smiles everyone, smiles... :-)

  3. Hi Carmen, the Arboretum used to be an annual treat for me...growing up in Big Bear, spring came much later than down in the valleys, so my parents would always plan a day in March or April to go and see all the beautiful flowers. I live a little lower down the "mountain" these days, but not by much. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories for me with your beautiful photos!



    1. Thank you, Victoria. The pictures don't do it justice. I love the sweet smells of all the flowers and herbs and the sounds of all the various birds.