Monday, September 2, 2013

Military Coat Finished

I finally finished the military coat!
Here are the front and back views on a hanger.
I used cotton twill fabric for the exterior and cotton broadcloth for the lining.
Cotton breathes and also gives a slightly old, worn look.
 I made this coat for my husband, a musician.
Since he plays guitar, he didn't want buttons on the front 
since they might scratch his guitar.
So, I used black twill tape to create a faux military button look.
I found this musical note pattern for the upper lining.
I used this vintage Butterick pattern (4207) from 1976.
The pattern does not have lining instructions or pattern pieces.
I was able to use the existing pieces to create a lining.
For the back and faux pocket buttons, I used these 
Vendome Black Metal 3/4" shank buttons.
Here are the front and back views of the coat on my husband.
The tails are knee length.
The best part is that my husband likes it and says it's very comfortable.
I'll take more pictures of the "complete look" once he wears it.
It includes a black top hat, faux black leather vest, 
skinny black pants, and high heeled black boots.
Pretty cool...
And... don't think I've given up on my ice cream truck music box project.
Here's how it looks as of today.
I've made wheels out of foam core, paper clay and 
champagne (actually sparkling grape juice) caps.
I'm in the process of smoothing out the trucks hard edges with paper clay.
It still needs sanding for an even smoother look.
The music mechanism is in the rear of the truck.
I've been enjoying the long Labor Day weekend.
I really needed it to recuperate as I caught a nasty head cold last week.
What have you been up to?
Catch you later...


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    1. Thank you! :-) I can't wait to show the whole "look."

  2. If my husband seen this he would want IT! Amazing sewing! Bravo! xoDebi