Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adam Ant Show Outfit: Part 2

My knickers are finished!
 I decided upon this Simplicity pattern (5483) from 1982.
Do you remember knickers from the early 80's?
I always wanted a pair, but never had one.
Oh sure, you could cut some baggy pants off at the knee and cuff them.
But, it's not the same.
Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran wore them in the Planet Earth Video.
I just LOVED that new romantic look.
I like the baggy jodhpurs look.
 So here's how mine turned out (front and back).
These are pleated at the knees instead of cuffed.
 I'm leaving the leg cuffs open for now because
right now they just slip over the top of my boots.
These boots are waaaaaay too snug to try and tuck anything inside.
Eventually, I'll either install grommets and lacing
or buttons and loops to close the cuffs.
I made a couple changes to the pattern:
1) added two more darts to the back to bring the waist in, and
2) added belt loops (gotta have 'em).

These are so loose and comfortable,
I think I can even wear them to work.
Wouldn't they look good with an argyle sweater and lace-up oxford heels?
 Yeah, it's a men's sweater, but that's never stopped me.
Some of the best clothes are to be found in the men's department.
Of course, dark stockings underneath.
This is more of an autumn look...

Okay, now to continue working on the vest...

Have a wonderful June week!
Tomorrow is Iced Tea Day... I think I'll make some...


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