Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flashback! Haircut 100

First of all, let's just get something out of the way.
I'm flashing back to 30 years ago!
How did it happen?
I don't know.
Please just forget about that as you travel back in time.

Back in the early 80's I'd come home from school and watch Richard Blade on MV3, a show aired locally in southern California that featured new wave artists, videos, and dancing.  Richard Blade was also a DJ for KROQ, my hometown (Pasadena, CA) radio station.
If you're a fellow So-Cal'er, you might remember this bumper sticker.

MV3 opened my eyes to the new wave and new romantic music genres.
The music videos captivated and created a lasting impression for me.
It also got me started in record and memorabilia collecting.

One of my (still) favorite bands was Haircut 100 (with Nick Heyward).
Who could resist this cute smile?

The Debut LP/Magazine Issue 8/9 (December 1984)
The Haircut One Hundred Catalogue (front and back covers)
Haircut 100 Not a Trace of Brylcreem (front and back covers)
I really started collecting records beginning in the summer of 1984.
Heavily into Duran Duran, I got to go on a two-week school tour of Europe (thanks, Dad) where I proceeded to purchase every 12" single I could get my hands on.
This built a lot of arm strength as I had to carry this vinyl in my suitcase.
However, I was in heaven!  You just couldn't find this stuff (easily) in the states.
Haircut 100 was way over by 1984, but the memories never left me.
Don't tell me you didn't sing along to "Love Plus One" or "Favorite Shirts."
You know you did.
Love Plus One 7" Single 45 RPM (Marine Boy B-Side)
A Kingsize Stereo Forty Five Cut (Fantastic Day with Ski Club of Great Britain B-Side)
Pelican Dance Special Promotional Issue
(King Size and Lemon Fire Brigade on the A-Side)
(Baked Bean and Calling Captain Autumn on the B-Side)
Nobody's Fool 7" Single (October is Orange B-Side)
And, last but not least...
Flexipop! Issue No 17 with Marine Boy flexi-disc
So, maybe I've brought back a few memories?
I only wish I had a record player!
There are some B-Sides that I haven't been able to find on CD.
One of these days I'll get a turntable...
Feel free to put these on and have a fantastic summer day!

Off to go walking... happy Caturday!!!
P.S.  I just had a very obscure memory of the very early 80's.  There was a store in Pasadena on Fair Oaks Avenue I'd pass by on my way home from school.  They sold "dark stuff" and I was too afraid to go inside.  It was called 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  I don't think it remained in business too long.  I wonder if anyone else remembers this?

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  1. Hi! I know I'm about seven years late to the party, but I found your blog after doing a Google image search for the Haircut 100 "and not a trace of Brylcreem" book that I just learned existed from the Nick Heyward fan group I'm in on Facebook.

    My story is similar - grew up in So Cal (Seal Beach, just inside the Orange Curtain - Jed the Fish DJ'ed my senior prom in '87), loved KROQ, would rush home from school to catch MV3, and developed a lifelong love of the New Wave/New Romantic music coming primarily out of Britain, especially Haircut 100 and Nick Heyward! There was such a freshness and joy to their music, a solid contrast to some of my other musical loves like Ultravox. Anyway, just wanted to shoot up a smoke signal to say thanks for the love for Haircut 100 (and here's to wishing we'd been old enough to dance on MV3!)