Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kick up yer' heels! (retro style)

Have you seen the tv commercial for the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel?  I loved the song and found out it is called "Booty Swing" by the artist is Parov Stelar, an Austrian musician, producer, and DJ of the Electro Swing genre.  I also found out that I could only download the song as an MP3 at

Looks like it's only appearing on "The Electro Swing Revolution Vol. 2" MP3 download album in the US.

Or, if you're really adventurous (and ready to shell out some ), you can find this song on a limited edition CD on The Paris Swingbox EP directly from Europe.  That's on my wishlist...

If you're really in the mood to hear more of this genre, then check out Jazz Radio's Electro Swing webradio station streaming from Lyon, France.  I like the mix of old style jazz with a modern twist.  It reminds me of music I'd hear while watching a silent Buster Keaton film from the 1920's and it makes me want to put on a dress, high heels, beestung lips, curl my hair, and go to the Electro Swing Club (coming to Hollywood in February 2012... hmmm...).

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